Notorious ASMR

First exam out of the way. One down, eight to go. Ka-pow. Yeah, so I made a couple of the usual mistakes. Concordancia, como siempre. Seems to go out the window in exam conditions. That and sistema/problema/idioma switching. Linguist problems. The kind of thing you don’t really worry too much about in the real world but that drags you down in an oral. Ah well. I know how I’d go about marking myself and that’s good enough for the time being. Now, at least, I can put Spanish behind me temporarily and tackle Arabic head on, before moving on to Persian. One language at a time, bud. Don’t want to go tripping over false friends – and I thought that cutting French would be the end of that. So much for sweet dreams.

ASMR in my headphones as usual. It’s not strictly a Monday night thing, but it sure is dead calming after an exam. It wasn’t a particularly stressful one, granted – Archie said his was a train-wreck, so I should be grateful, I suppose – but it’s never a bad time to zone out for a bit. Say what you want, it’s pretty calming stuff. When the explosion in popularity began is anyone’s guess, I just started trucking along with it before exams this time last year when it turned out to be just what I was looking for in the chaotic world that is an Arts degree (we have to juggle a heck of a lot, in all seriousness). It’s not a completely spaced-out evening. I’ve got my Arabic oral questions open in one tab and Biggie Smalls’ Get Money open in another. Suddenly got into that kind of thing, and that’s a little harder to explain. Funk will always hold the pole position, closely followed by Afrobeat of course, but hip-hop comes a close third. The things you discover when you turn your iPod off for a month…! I recommend it. It’s why I never take my iPod travelling with me. You see so much more when you’re not plugged in. Try it. We’re not half as dependent on such trinkets as we think we are.

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